EOZ Utility Strap
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EOZ Utility Strap

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The Utility Strap, previously known as "Arm" Strap is a comfortable strap with velcro closure specifically designed for attaching Trackers to your wrist, arm, ankle, over feet, over shoes, etc.  Fits circumferences between 20cm and 28cm with about 2cm of stretch. Useful for Vtubers, DJs and anyone who wants to add tracking points.  Please make sure to check the circumference of where you want to have the utility strap, as it might not fit bigger circumferences.

*All straps are made from Neoprene material and have a UNC 1/4-20 threaded post that is compatible with Tundra Tracker, Vive Tracker 2.0 or Vive Tracker 3.0.