Shipping & Returns


Tundra Labs takes great pride in building a fulfillment service that exceeds our customer expectations. We put extensive effort into planning and updating stock status and lightning fast order processing. We certainly give you our word that we will work hard to greatly exceed the expectations set by this policy. With all of this said, we’re human and from time to time, mistakes happen. While we fully intend to prevent these mistakes before they happen, we still

Shipping Domestic (USA)

Domestic orders within the United States of America will ship within 24 hours assuming that they are paid for, in stock, and the 24 hour shipment deadline occurs during weekday business hours ending at 5pm Central Time on Friday and beginning Monday at 9am Central Time. Shipment cutoffs for the day are as follows:

United States Post Office: 5pm Weekdays

FedEx Ground and Express: 4pm Weekdays

UPS: 2pm Weekdays

There will be 24 hours additional shipping delay during Holidays observed by the United States Post Office.

Shipping International

Generally we try to fulfill international orders in the same time frame as Domestic orders however due the need for additional paperwork, we require 48 hours to fully process international orders. Sometimes we will require additional information from the customer to process an international order. In these circumstances, shipping will occur 24 hours after the requested information is provided.

Returns & Cancellations

Tundra Labs will accept returns and cancelled orders with the following clarification:

  • Customer is expected to follow an RMA process so that we can fully understand the reason for return.

    • Upon RMA approval Tundra Labs will reply to the RMA with instructions for what to do with the product

  • Prior to notification of Tracking information, the customer is able to cancel their order.

  • For orders with Tracking number is posted, customer must receive delivery of product and go through the RMA process.

  • The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping return items unless deemed otherwise in the RMA process

    • Customers will be reimbursed for returned products once then are received and inspected.