10 meter DC Power Cable kit

10 meter DC Power Cable kit


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Shipping starts around Feb 15th, 2019

This product is a variation of our shorter DC Power cable kit for VR except it is targeted for customers who extend the ir cable runs by up to 10meters (~32 feet).

In this scenario, we’ve increased the wire gauge to ensure low voltage drop and also include a second plug for an active USB cable/repeater.. The kit also includes an inline 12V to 5V DC/DC converter to be used with a variety of USB extenders..

Items Included:

  • One Tundra Labs SATA to DC Barrel Jack Cable

    • Custom designed and manufactured to our exact specification

    • Includes a pre installed inline 2A fuse

    • An additional Spare 2A fuse is also included

  • One Signature edition Tundra Labs PCI Bracket

    • Stamped Logo

    • Black Electrophorotic Paint Finish

    • Notches designed specifically to loop Vive USB and video inside PC case

  • One 10meter long PVC insulated cable

    • 20AWG Wire to minimize voltage drop

    • One input and two output DC Barrel plugs

    • Specifically designed for use with HTC Vive and HTC Vive pro Link boxes

  • One Braided Nylon Cable Sleeve

    • 9.85 meters in length to bundle and protect your tether extension.

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These units are under production now. The photos will be updated when units are received. The construction will be similar to the placeholder image except the cable will be significantly longer and hae a different connector to match out SATA to DC Barrel Cable.

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