HTC Vive & Vive Pro 12VDC Power Kit

HTC Vive & Vive Pro 12VDC Power Kit


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Items Included:

  • One Tundra Labs SATA to DC Barrel Jack Cable

    • Custom designed and manufactured to our exact specification

    • Includes a pre installed inline 2A fuse

    • An additional Spare 2A fuse is also included

  • One Signature edition Tundra Labs PCI Bracket

    • Stamped Logo

    • Black Electrophorotic Paint Finish

    • Notches designed specifically to loop Vive USB and video inside PC case

  • One Super Flexible TPE insulated DC Barrel Jack cable

    • Specifically designed for use with HTC Vive and HTC Vive pro Link boxes

    • Length Matched for Vive Pro

  • One Braided Nylon Cable Sleeve

    • sized perfectly to bundle and tidy your VR cables from PC to Vive/Vive Pro link box.

    • Includes three 80mm Zip ties

  • One Vive to DC Barrel adaptor

    • Used for direct connection of HTC Vive Tether to PC

This product is for HTC Vive & Vive Pro

Click here for the Pimax version

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Items in the pictures that are not found in the description above (e.g. PC, Vive pro, etc) are not included.

Tired of trying to find a place to plug in that awkward, unsightly brick into your power strip/outlet?

Say goodbye to the mess of AC wall adaptors (wall warts) next to your PC for items like:

  • HTC Vive & HTC Vive Pro Head mounted displays

  • USB Hubs

  • Anything else powered by a 12V DC Barrel Jack

This kit is the ideal addition to your rig to supply up to 2 Amps of 12V power to an external device. It has premium look and feel that should blend in well with the most PCMR builds.

It is designed with the SteamVR Gamer in mind, especially one who is on the go or is obsessed with cable management. It uses your internal PC power supply to provide a convenient, fuse protected, 12VDC jack on the back of your PC.

Do you have a Mini-ITX Build without a spare PCI slot?

No problem! Using the included panel mounting nut, the DC Barrel connector can mount to any hole that is approximately 5/16in (8mm) in diameter. This can be fairly common for Fan grills. Or just simply drill your own!

For Bulk ordering and Wholesale Pricing (100pcs or more), please contact Tundra Labs.

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