March 10th General Release Rules & Expectations

Release times:

  • Release on at 12:00 JST for purchase in Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand
  • Release on at 12:00 CST for purchase in United States, Canada, Rest of World (not including European Continent)
  • Separate UnboundVR release for Europe to follow, tentatively scheduled for March 15th.
  • N7R will be coordinating a WeChat Release sale for China

Very Limited Inventory:

  • For the General Release, quantities are very limited due to component shortages
  • We are only releasing inventory that we have firm stock of components to manufacture.
  • We expect General Release to sell out in minutes or just a few hours time from release.

Purchasing Limits

  • Each customer will be limited to purchase:
    • One x3 Bundle
    • One x4 Bundle
    • One Additional Dongle (either SW3 or SW4)
  • Checkout rules will restrict completing checkout if you have more than this in your cart.
  • This means that the maximum that one person can buy is a x3 Bundle, a x4 Bundle and one Dongle. A total of 7 Trackers and Three Dongles.
  • Tundra Labs will manually audit orders after the release and cancel them if we feel that there is abuse of one individual purchasing too many devices.
    • We will make an attempt to contact customers before cancelling orders.
  • All of these rules are in an effort to prevent re-sellers from purchasing large quantities of Trackers.


  • Customers may cancel their order at anytime prior to shipment and receive a full refund.
  • Cancellation requests are made by contacting
    • Please include your order number when requesting cancellation

Using Shopify and Technical Issues

  • We are using Shopify as our sales platform.
    • We hope it doesn't crash but this is going to be a stress test.
  • If a crash or technical issues do occur:
    • We are very sorry, but there is not much that we can do to recover your order.
  • We highly recommend that you have all of your payment information loaded into Shopify before the sale starts.
  • Inventory is “allocated” at checkout. Placing an item in your cart/bag does not reserve the inventory for you.
  • If you want to purchase a Tracker Bundle and other accessories, it is recommended to purchase them separately so that you get to checkout quickly with the Trackers.
    • We can merge your orders after the sale upon request.
    • Please send a message to support@tundra-labs with your order numbers to request merging them.
  • Update: Due to technical issues, products will not be listed in the Shop App.  We have contacted support to figure out how to resolve.
    • Please order from the website, not the app

Shipping & Lead Time

  • This General Release is a Pre-Order.
  • Your order will not ship immediately.
  • Orders will ship approximately 8 weeks after purchase.
  • Tentatively inventory will be ready by May 10th, 2022.
  • Kickstarter fulfillment remains a shipping priority over general release.

Risks and Uncertainty

  • Production schedules today are unpredictable and always changing.
  • We continue at the mercy of factory shutdowns and shipping shutdowns as China continues to manage COVID-19 outbreaks.
    • Shutdown events will cause delay in the production schedule.
  • These issues will be communicated to you as they happen.

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