Tundra Tracker Developer Board
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Tundra Tracker Developer Board

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Finally it is here!  This is the ultimate development board for creating your own VR gear.  This kit features a fully programmable and very capable RP2040 Dual Core ARM Cortex M0+ Microcontroller from Raspberry Pi!

Customers may develop drivers for any sensor or input device and send data to SteamVR using a provided "Mapped Input" SPI library.  Instructions are also included to customize SteamVR Drivers to expose your input data to VR Applications.

The default development environment is the ubiquitous Arduino IDE.  Other environments are also available such as the RP2040 native SDK.


  • Four Analog to Digital Converter Channels
  • One SPI Interface
  • Two I2C Interfaces
  • Eight Super Cool PIO Interfaces
  • Sparkfun Qwiic Interface & Compatibility
  • Total of 22 User Accessible GPIO
  • On board Red LED
  • Programmable with included USB Programming Board
  • Convenient "BOOTSEL" Programming Button - "Unbrickable!"
  • Ability to draw power from Tundra Tracker Internal Battery

What could you Build with this:

Kit Contents:

  • One Raspberry Pi RP2040 Based MCU Board
  • One USB Programming Board
  • One USB Type-C Cable
  • Two T5 x 4mm Torx Screws
  • Two 14 Pin JST IO Cables
  • Two 4 Pin JST IO Cables
  • One 2 Pin JST Cable with Tinned Leads
  • One Haptic Reactor Actuator (or Equivalent)

Development Information: