General Release 1 Update

First, we would like to give a big thank you for participating in the Tundra Tracker General Release 1! 

The team has been hard at work building the trackers to fulfill and have been making significant progress towards fulfillment.  It has been challenging and the team is working day and night to overcome each hurdle coming our way.  I wanted to provide everyone with an update on our progress and forward looking plans.

Unfortunately we do need to report that we will need extra time to fulfill your orders.

Supply Chain Update

As mentioned in the last blog post and also on our Kickstarter Updates, we have been experiencing significant issues with the global supply chain.  For many of these issues (such as the chip shortage), we have established mitigations but we certainly cannot avoid all problems.

The main challenge that is impacting our ability to deliver by the May 10th projection is the shipping backlog.  As you may know, in the beginning of March, the Guangdong Province of China had been under COVID lockdown and also Hong Kong has had its share of COVID mitigations blocking the flow of goods out to the rest of the world.  Now there is a persistent lockdown in Shanghai that is pushing extra shipping load to the southern ports.  All of this uncertainty and inefficiency has caused 2 problems:

  1. Delays in getting parts in to our Factory
  2. Delays in getting finished goods out of our Factory

By the end of this week (May 6th), we should be fully mitigated on #1 (getting sufficient quantity of parts into our factory).  We are already halfway through the production of trackers for General Release 1 and have production capacity to finish the builds in the next 14 days.

With regard to #2, this is where the bigger concern is.  Right now we are facing a minimum of a 2 week backlog to ship the products to our fulfillment warehouses. This is a major contributor to the delay.

General Release 1 Updated Schedule

In our current plans, we estimate that all General Release 1 Trackers will be manufactured by May 19th. 

From here the Trackers will begin their journey to our Green Bay warehouse and the UnboundVR warehouse in the Netherlands where European shipments will be fulfilled from. 

The current shipping environment requires about 2 weeks for transportation time.  This brings our new estimated fulfillment date to May 31st.

The Next Release (General Release 2)

We know that many of you are excited to purchase Tundra Trackers but may have missed the first release.  Given all of the supply chain uncertainty and delays, we want to have a clear plan for inventory to open up the next round of orders.

One of our main objectives for this next release is to shorten the time between orders and fulfillment.

For this reason, we have not set a date for the release but plan on running production continuously to accumulate stock for Release 2.  As a result, the next anticipated release should occur sometime during the 2nd half June.


Thank you as always for supporting Tundra Tracker and your patience as we continue to deal with this supply chain crisis!

- Tundra Labs Team




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