General Release 1 Shipping Plan

As described in our last update, Tundra Tracker production has been impacted by the global supply chain issues.  Despite this, we are very happy to report that the team is one week away from the exporting all General Release 1 trackers from the factory!

Our delivery schedule for Trackers is about 2 weeks later than previously shared.  For this, we apologize.  

There has been one recent shipping rule in particular that has been very problematic for us.  This rule requires that all incoming packages are quarantined for 7 days before being delivered to the factory.  We have had two instances where critical semiconductor components needed to be sent from the US to China.  In all, this has contributed another ~10 days waiting to continue production.

Thankfully we are now well stocked with everything needed and production is running!  Here is the shipping plan:

  • Europe: Ready for export to UnboundVR on May 30th
  • Japan, Australia and New Zealand: Ready for export on June 1st
  • USA, Canada, Everyone else: Ready for export on June 3rd

We're doing everything possible to pre-book the air freight arrangements and make these shipments move quickly.  This shipping system is still very constrained so we will continue to monitor any delays that might occur in shipment.

After export, it should be about 7-10 business days to fully process the inventory and get it out to customers.

In regard to General Release 1 customers who only purchased dongles, there is some more good news:

  • Completed shipment of all SW4 Dongle orders on May 24th
  • Completed shipment of all SW3 Dongle orders on May 26th

We really appreciate everyones patience and understanding as we work through this!




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