Announcing our VRChat x EOZ Straps & Tundra One Year Anniversary Socks

Hi everyone, in this blog-post we’ll be introducing VRChat full-body tracking straps, as well as our one-year birthday socks!

The Straps

We’re happy to announce a collaboration with VRChat to bring you the VRChat x EOZ edition full-body tracking straps!

VRChat has always been one of if not the most compelling use-case for full-body tracking, so this collab just made a lot of sense to us.

We’ve worked together to theme the straps to the VRChat style & colors. We’ve also changed our straps in a few ways over previous iterations.

Changes to the foot straps

We’ve consolidated our footstrap designs into a “one size fits most” (check the product page for more info). The main part that goes around the foot has been redesigned to sit higher and fit a wider range of foot sizes. The strap is also stretchier and hugs your foot a bit nicer.

Changes to the limb straps

The limb strap has a new kind of magnetic clasp to quickly connect and disconnect it, as well as a new tightening “lock” to loosen and tighten the strap.

We hope the community will enjoy these straps as much as we do! Together with our Tundra x N7R socks, full-body tracking has never looked so good.

Make sure to get them while they’re hot - we’ll be making more, 

Check the product page for more product photos :)

The Socks

We’ve also been working on something for the Tundra Tracker's one year birthday - as we’re now sort of in the business of foot attire, we just had to make some stylish socks!

They come in one size that fits a range of European 38 to European 50 and they are decorated with Tundra Trackers and our logos. Check 'm out!

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