General Release 2 Details

Dates and Times

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
All of Europe Continent
United States, Canada, Mexico, South America
Date and Time
Thursday July 14th at 9pm (GMT+8)
Thursday July 14th at 13:00 JST (GMT+9)
Thursday July 14th at 13:00 CET (GMT+2)
Thursday July 14th at 3pm CT (GMT-5)
Sales Channel
WeChat and Taobao

Order Limits

Each customer will be allowed to purchase a maximum of two bundles.  This could be any combination of x3 and x4 giving a theoretical maximum of 8 trackers  per order.  Dongle purchases will be limited to 3 dongles per customer.

Localized Fulfillment Update

For General Release 2 we are expanding to additional international warehouses! This has the added benefit of lower cost shipping for key regions like Canada, Australia and more. When applicable, we are also able to fulfill these shipments domestically so our updated pricing includes duties for major territories like Canada, USA, EU, UK & Australia.

If there are cases of double-duties being paid, please contact and we will work with you on that issue.

Fulfillment Time

At this moment, we have all trackers on hand and sitting in our Shenzhen warehouse.

There are continued shipping delays and a recent covid case increased in China.

Our target is to complete all shipping 6 weeks from release.

We sincerely hope to deliver ahead of schedule this time but also want to communicate up front the risks and plan for the current supply chain environment ahead of time as much as possible.


Localized Pricing

General Release 2 will be supporting localized marketplaces and currencies. Please note pricing disparities between regions due to recent fluctuations in exchange rates when compared to the US Dollar and also duties where applicable.

As a reminder about the earlier section on localized fulfillment: Canada, Europe, Australia and UK will have Duties included in the localized price.

Product Changes

  1. Trackers will ship with UNC1/4-20 Threaded Base Pre Installed
  2. Bundles will not include Basic Straps or Strap Loop Baseplates
    1. These can be purchased separately for $5 each here
  3. Bundles will be packed in a new and optimized Tundra Labs x EOZ Mini Case!

New Mini Case

Strap Options

We are growing our portfolio of options for straps for full body tracking. In this release customers have the ultimate ability to mix and match strap options.

  1. Basic Straps (each sold individually)
  2. EOZ Premium Straps
  3. VRChat Edition Premium Straps

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