General Release 3 and Beyond

We're excited to announce another release of Tundra Tracker!

For every release we have been improving our processes and trying to make the release go as smooth as possible.  For the first time ever, we are very proud to share that shipment will begin immediately following this release!

For the rest of the details We'll keep it simple:

  • Unified Release Time: Monday, October 3rd at 10:00am CST (UTC -5)
  • Global Inventory: Inventory of trackers is on its way to all 6 of our warehouses already!
    • Please make sure to select your country name with the drop down at the bottom of the page
  • Order Limits: We will continue to enforce a maximum of two bundles per customer.  This can be any combination of x3 or x4 for a maximum of 8 trackers.
  • No Major Product Changes: Bundle configurations will be the same as General Release 2



We feel really great about the progress that the team has made on the production and fulfillment side.  The past year has been a challenge to say the least.  There will still be plenty bumps ahead but rest assured that we are working hard!

With this said, it is our #1 goal to continue to produce a steady and predictable supply of Tundra Tracker and sell on a monthly bases and be able to ship right away.


Thank you to everyone for their great support of Tundra Labs!

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