Save the Date: General Release 2

We're excited to announce that with just a few exceptions (International orders including large foot straps), we are now complete with shipping out Tundra Tracker General Release 1 orders!

Have a look at the mountain of packages that we shipped out on June 20th.

Image of outgoing packages for General Release 1

Fulfilling General Release 1 was certainly a challenge and a worldwide coordination to manage all of the supply chain.  The good news has that this has made the team stronger and more resilient.

We're taking all of our lessons learned and applying them to the plan for General Release 2!

Supply Chain Update

As it relates to Tundra Tracker production, our supply chain is certainly improving. Due to our efforts in extensive planning and communication with suppliers, we are continuing to receive parts to continue production. In almost all cases, these plans are over 1 year in the making and finally coming to delivery!

While there are still challenges ahead, we do believe that the worst is now behind us and have been running steady production for a number of weeks now. Shipping will remain a persistent problem, so the only way that we can manage it is to allocate ample time for logistics to occur.

As of today (July 1st, 2022) we have already accumulated over 50% of the stock that we are releasing in General Release 2 and plan to complete all production at the time of launch. This means that our shipping time should be much much more predictable this time around! (Famous last words…)

In all cases, we take customer orders very serious and strive to continuously improve our lead time, communication and delivery!

Launch Date - July 14th, 2022

We’re excited to announce that the next round of purchasing for General Release 2 will occur on July 14th, 2022!

Specific details of the launch including times and where to purchase will be communicated by July 12th, 2022.

Product Updates

Next week we will be unveiling some new details on some of the improvements that we are doing to the x3 and x4 bundles for General Release 2.

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