VRChat Edition Premium Straps

Tundra Labs prepares for second retail release of Tundra Trackers and collaboration with VRChat X EOZ full body tracking straps.

LOCATION: Green Bay & California USA, Shenzhen China

Product Listing: https://tundra-labs.com/products/vrchat-fullbody-tracking-straps

Tundra Labs has announced that they are preparing the second retail release of their crowdfunded Tundra Trackers. The trackers, which enable full-body tracking in virtual reality, have been wildly successful among metaverse and social VR enthusiasts. N7R, their Chinese partner, has helped them expand their manufacturing, testing, and packaging capabilities, enabling Tundra Labs to get more Trackers into the hands of customers.

In preparation for their second retail release, Tundra Labs and N7R have also partnered with social VR platform VRChat. Together, they’ve developed straps designed to maximize both functionality and comfort while wearing Tundra Trackers, Vive Trackers and others similar devices in VR. The collaboratively designed VRChat x EOZ full-body tracking straps have been designed to include features requested specifically by the VRChat community.

“Tundra Trackers are an ever-growing part of the VRChat community, and quality straps are a critical part of the experience, especially when spending hours with friends in full-body tracking,” says Jason Camillo, Business Development liaison at VRChat. “We are proud to partner with Tundra to bring our community the VRChat x EOZ full-body tracking straps, which not only have a unique design, but feature increased functionality.”

These features include a re-designed clasp for quickly taking your straps on and off, an improved rubber base for increased stability, reinforced padding for increased comfort over long VR sessions, and an upgraded foot strap shape that will ensure maximum tracking stability. All of these features combined make the VRChat x EOZ tracking straps the absolute best choice for social VR users looking to get the most out of their trackers.

“Tundra Labs is committed to enriching the VR community and improving the full-body tracking experience. This collaboration with VRChat delivers on both of these goals. In addition to the innovative improvements to usability and comfort, we’re very proud to create a business model where we can share proceeds with VRChat to help fund development,” says Luke Beno, the founder and CEO of Tundra Labs.

"We’re always listening to the community's feedback and suggestions – we’re dedicated to continuously improve our designs,” says Zoe Young, founder and CEO of N7R. “Once you've used these new straps, we hope you will feel the difference that’s come from the close cooperation between us and the VRChat community."

The partnership between VRChat, N7R, and Tundra Labs comes just a few months after VRChat released their IK 2.0 update, enabling users to use up to 11 points of tracking to better control their avatars in virtual reality.

The VRChat x EOZ straps will be exclusively sold via the Tundra Labs store in North America, Europe, and Australia. In Japan, the straps will be distributed by Intofree. Distribution in China and SEA will be done via the official N7R Wechat and Taobao stores.

The second retail run of Tundra Trackers and the VRChat x EOZ straps will both go on sale July 14. Both products will be available in limited quantities.


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