Two Years of Tundra Tracker

Exactly two years ago we set off on a journey to bring Tundra Tracker to the community with the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign.  We've been through a lot together and have overcome so many challenges.


With the pandemic subsiding and supply chains beginning to repair, we just want to reflect back and say Thank You to each one of our supporters as we worked through all of these challenges.

Exciting Milestones

Two years later, we're very proud to announce a series of accomplishments:

The Tundra Labs team remains humble and focused on progress.  We've been silent at times but this because we've be focused on what matters: our customers and the SteamVR Tracking ecosystem.  It has been a wild ride and that continues today.

To commemorate two years since the Kickstarter, we're happy to announce a few promotions!

Free pair of EOZ "Utility" straps with each Tundra Tracker Bundle (while supplies last)

Previously called "Arm" straps, the "Utility" strap is not just for Arms:

  • Arms
  • Ankle
  • Feet
  • Over shoes
  • Wrist
  • Anything with circumferences between 20cm and 28cm

Add the Utility Straps to your cart along with a Tracker Bundle and the discount will automatically be applied.

    Valve "B-Stock" version 2.0 Basestations for just $120 each

      • Available here
      • US Type plug power supply included
      • B-Stock units may have minor scratches
      • 1 Month Replacement Warranty
        • Unfortunately, cannot offer warrenty beyond 1 month
      • Limited Supply available
      • Limit 3 per customer
      • Cleaning of front lens with microfiber or lens cloth may be required
      • Shipping from US Warehouse only
        • Available worldwide with additional Express courier shipping costs

      Basestation Power Supply for $20

      • Available here
      • Full Length 4.5m cable (about 14ft+8in)
      • US Type AC Plug
      • 12V, 2.5A output (30W)
      • 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID Barrel plug
      • Compatible with all Basestations
        • HTC Gen 1
        • HTC Gen 2.0
        • Valve Index 2.0
        • Valve Index 2.1


      - With ❤️ from the Tundra Labs Team

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